What does JBA stand for?

J. Bittle American

JBA stands for J. Bittle American. J. Bittle is the president and founder of the company. Over time, the long name evolved into the shorter and easier JBA.

How long has JBA been making exhaust products?

JBA Shorty

JBA first started building headers and exhaust products in 1987. The first header designed was the smog legal “Shorty” for the 5.0L Mustang.

What kind of performance gains can I expect from my headers?

JBA means more power

Typical performance gains with the addition of JBA Headers on a fuel injected V-8 will be anywhere from 10-25 horsepower and similar numbers for torque. For V-6 applications you will see a gain of 10-15 horsepower. How much performance you gain will depend on the condition of your vehicle and the upgrades you have already made. On supercharged applications you will see a more dramatic increase, as much as 40+ horsepower.

Will aftermarket equipment void my warranty?

You are protected!

No. This is a common and widely believed misconception. Most vehicle owners are not aware that federal law protects them: the Magnuson-Moss Warranty - Federal Trade Commission improvement Act of 1975. More...

What is a JBA Firecone®

JBA Firecone®

Abrupt changes in manifold volume, such as the transition from primary tube to collector, causes turbulence and a drop in exhaust gas velocity. Turbulence equals restriction and velocity equals flow, so increased turbulence and reduced velocity are the last things you want in your exhaust system. The patented JBA Firecone® merge collector eases the transition helping to maintain the direction and speed of the exhaust flow. The result is a noticeable increase in power and efficiency. Most of these gains can be attributed to improved scavenging. The process of scavenging can be described as using exhaust pulses to siphon out spent gasses and draws in the fresh mixture during valve overlap. The effect is an increase in volumetric efficiency (more air in the cylinder) and a decrease in contamination from spent gasses.

What does "50 state smog legal" refer to?

50 state smog legal headers

Headers described as “smog legal” have been granted C.A.R.B. (California Air Resources Board) exemption approval, or they have been submitted to the California Air Resources Board, a government agency, and are waiting for exemption approval. The approval process can be time consuming. Some headers are for off-road use only and as such do not qualify for exemption.

What is the difference between nickel chrome plating and ceramic coating?

Standard nickel chrome plating

Most JBA Headers come standard with a nickel chrome plating. The plating is applied to our 14 gauge mild steel headers as a corrosion inhibitor. The chrome does not provide thermal protection and will eventually discolor as the headers go through heat cycles of starting and stopping your engine. The climate that you operate your vehicle in will also affect the life of the finish on chrome plated headers. JBA also offers an optional ceramic coating on all our headers. The ceramic coating is a thermal barrier that reduces the heat radiated from the headers and has a longer lasting finish. It is highly resistant to petroleum products, scratches, extreme heat and inclement weather.

What finish is on the stainless steel headers?

We use 304 stainless steel on our exhaust systems

Several JBA Headers applications are available in heavy-duty 409 stainless steel. These headers feature a bare metal finish. They do not have a "show chrome" look but more of a “works” finish. The 409 stainless steel we use to build our headers has a higher carbon content than the 304 stainless steel we use to build our exhaust systems. The higher carbon content is what gives our 409 stainless the additional strength to withstand the severe conditions and high temperatures generated at the exhaust port.

What are the “slits” on the header flanges?

Ultra thick 3/8” laser cut flanges

JBA Headers feature ultra thick 3/8” laser cut flanges. On these flanges you will see that the bolt-holes have a “slit”. This “slit” is created during the laser cutting process. It is not there for heat expansion reasons and it doesn't have an effect on the bolts ability to stay tight.

Will headers make my car louder?

Typically, JBA Headers will not make your vehicle noticeably louder. We use thick tubing that keeps the common exhaust noise associated with thin gauge long tube headers to a minimum. You may notice an improvement in the crispness of your exhaust note.

Does JBA make custom headers?

No, we don’t. JBA was previously able to offer this service but our growth has made it difficult to continue making custom headers.

Will I lose torque if I install JBA Headers?

No. You will actually gain low-end torque. We design our headers with appropriately sized primary tubing to provide solid low-end torque gains and high RPM breathing ability for greater overall performance.


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