Technical Information :: 6651S Tri-Y Headers

JBA Equipped - Austin Bittle's ‘69 Mustang .
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*actual product may differ from product shown

JBA p/n 6651S headers are designed to fit ‘64-1/2 - ‘70 289/302 (not Boss) Mustangs equipped with 4 spd manual or C3/C4 automatic transmissions. These headers are not designed for 5spd applications.

These headers provide significant increases in torque and horsepower throughout the RPM range and allow for maximum ground clearance.

To help make sure you choose the correct headers and exhaust for your Mustang please refer to the chart below. If you still have questions, give us a call.

:: P/N 6651S Fitment Guide ::

Specifications: 1-1/2" stainless steel primary ,
1-3/4" secondary, 2-1/2" collector, 3/8" laser-cut flanges

Engine Cylinder
cross member
Block Clutch Trans.


Stock Port


Stock. - OK

Stock mech. with factory Z-bar or use JBA
p/n 1650Z

C3/C4 auto

Motor Mounts Bell
Suspension Steering

Stock or Total Control

Stock or
scatter shield. Scatter shield may require clearance.

Stock or
mini starter

Reproduction upper A-arm
mounting studs may need to be shortened.

Manual - OK

Total Control Rack & Pinion - OK

Factory P/S - OK with JBA Bracket P/N 6656P